Final Ultramarines Painting Project 2017 – Post 2

by Optimal Optimus on December 28, 2017

Primaris Marines Progress

  1. Based and Shaded in Dark Tone and Blue Tone
  2. Shoulder Pauldrons and Helms were painted separately- Ulthulan Grey and White Scar
  3. All trim was based in Leadbelcher and then Retributor Gold
  4. White areas got a recess shade of Dark Tone and Blue tone.
  5. Knee Pads painted in Ulthulan Grey

Relic Scorpios Pattern Whirlwinds (2)

Same as Primaris


Astraeus Super Heavy Battle Tank

  1. Assembled
  2. Based and Primed Vallejo Black Surface Primer
  3. Based it in P3 Exile Blue
  4. Sane Tone scale as the Primaris

Late addition : Relic Leviathan Dreadnought

  1. Assembled and Based
  2. Same tonal scale as Primaris
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