Pride Prejuidice and Zombies – Ooo Zombies

by Optimal Optimus on February 7, 2016

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I caught Pride Prejudice an Zombies this weekend and I must say it was entertaining. I am always a bit a of  an easy mark for a Zombie flick so there is that caveat.


Samurai for the Rich and Shaolin for the wise!


Overall though the action was decent. Pacing and story telling were a little off. I think this movie would have definitely benefited from getting a “R” rating rather than the lazy PG-13. I can imagine the executives in that meeting saying well its for the Pre-Teens/Twilight Crowd lets broaden the audience or something to that effect.

Either way the performances were solid and Lily James made an excellent Shaolin Trained Elizabeth Bennett.  I think Lean Heady was underused and a couple of plot points weren’t tied up cleanly at the end but over all very entertaining.

Check it out if you got the time.

  • Matinee – Sure
  • General Admin – Maybe if you like zombies and PG-13 Violence


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