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The Man with Iron Hands – Give the man a hand!

by Optimal Optimus on November 2, 2012

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Jonesing for a chop sakey Kung Fu flick I caught this movie on a whim.

I found myself thoroughly entertained. Keep in mind its no ground breaking piece of cinematic history. Its a kung fu caper revenge flick and it delivers on all counts.


  • Kung Fu was good
  • Bautista as Brass Body – wrecked house
  • Gemini Assassins – campy kung fu fun
  • Music was good


  • Rza wasn’t really all that necessary but since he was producing it…
  • Byron Man was a little over the top in his portrayal of the villain.
  • The attempts to bring “story” gravitas to the film were a little over the top.

Its a watchable movie. If you aren’t into Kung Fu and bloody violence feel free to skip it, but if you are into that kind of thing, by all means dig in it won’t let you down.


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