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X-Com Enemy Unkown: Game over man no more quarters…

by Optimal Optimus on October 9, 2012


I picked up X-COM Enemy Unknown looking for something to slake my need to kill xenos in a more plausible scenario other than killing them with Chainswords and Bolterguns after a orbital drop pod landing from my Ultramarine Battle Barge. So far I think its an awesome game.

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  • Great take on the old game. Brought it up to speed and kept it in the franchise without alienating the newer generation of game players.
  • Customization and tech options were great.
  • Story Was also compelling
  • Strategy level is also deep allowing for a high replay value.


  • The game is damn hard and you can’t trust displayed hit percentages

X-COM is a great game and must buy for any strategy game fan out there. Its got great customization features, game play is solid and it really makes you feel like you the MIB out there saving the world from ruthless xenos bent on our end.


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