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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – By George I think they’ve got it!

by Optimal Optimus on September 21, 2012

I have never been a fan of Samsung, however besides their great work on displays in the last 10 years and pretty much punching Sony in the balls repeatedly,  they are now setting their sites on Apple and the mobile smart phone market.


I am currently looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and saying “whoa… whoa… WHOA… didn’t know an Android phone was this good/comparable to the iOS offering” is an understatement.

Granted it’s a “Phablet” bigger than any phone out there really but the bigger screen and surprisingly robust Android OS is making me think twice about what phone I am going to upgrade to.

I know that Google Play and the Android marketplace is still new and not as deep and not as deep as Apple’s App Store but man if they aren’t going for the gusto to provide a viable alternative to Apple’s offering and the interesting thing is they are very very close.


  • Big Screen
  • More Juice
  • Stylus for detailed drawing
  • Android and Google Integration
  • Customization up the wazoo


  • It’s a little clunky
  • Not as smooth as the iOS devices in its UX
  • A little more involved learning curve

I think the Galaxy Note 2 and its smaller cousin the Galaxy S3 are gonna give Apple a run for their money, cause it looks like they have mine this year.

– Opt^2


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