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Kixeye, Facebook games made cool!

by Optimal Optimus on October 26, 2011

Everyone knows that I am a gamer. I play lots of video games err I did the term “Lots” now is qualified by – “In the time I have left to play games”.Social Games have been rocketing off the charts these last few years and leading the charge for a “hardcore” game on social networking platforms is Kixeye, formerly known as Casual Collective. Their approach to social games eschews the currently en vogue cutesy whimsical games that cater to house wives and care bears but push for a deeper crunchier gaming experience.One of their flagship titles Back Yard Monsters released back in early 2010 and really got me going on it. Since then they have released Battle Pirates a cool naval combat and base building RTS and shortly after that in 2011 they released War Commander a more small unit and mechanized infantry RTS game on Facebook in the spirit of Command and Conquer.I must admit that these last 4 or 5 years have been really great years to be a gamer. The quality of entertainment has really gone up as well as the different channels available to you, with Steam, OnLive, the Social Networking games, iPad and iPod out there? You have your pick of interactive entertainment.Lucky us!!! Now let me go check on my bases.


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