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Battleheart battled its way into my heart

by Optimal Optimus on August 15, 2011

I picked up the ipad rts game not too long ago and I must say that it is a well thought out gaming experience. It is probably one of the most intuitive applications of the touch screen interface on an IOS game device to date.

The premise is a familiar one – A stalwart party of adventuerers rises from the ranks to stand against the oncoming darkness. Along the way they get the opportunity to level up and face various challenges in the form of wave after wave of monsters ultimately cumulating in a boss fight.

At the very end they face the uber boss, a nasty lich.

The game play is simple and easy to pick up and the character classes and items you can pick up along the way add a good level of depth and complexity to the game as well.

All in all the game is excellent. Any game that has a monk in it as one of the classes always gets my vote on general principle.


  • Monks
  • Simple Controls
  • Variety


  • The linear story telling
  • Units can be hard to select in some stages because of the pathing of monsters


  • The game is a good use of the touch screen interface on a game, quite possibly the best i have ever seen.
  • Its story telling is a pretty linear and teh character progression is pretty simple but all in all its a good game and worth the 4.99 USD price.
  • A good buy.


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