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Snarky Passive Agressive DnD Guys

by Optimal Optimus on August 8, 2011

I have probably written about this before but there is nothing more annoying than the Snarky DnD guy. I have had my run in with more than a few.

Who are these guys you say? These are the douchebags that put “their” fun before everyone else’s. They have to be the guys that know the most about all the rules. They have to be the guys that do the most of everything. They have to be the guys in control. Well I say FUCK THOSE GUYS.

Gaming is supposed to be first and foremost fun and not just fun for one dick-less wonder but for the whole group. Every time I hear the lame ass mouth breathing excuses or unverified statements of fact on gaming or any pop culture meme it drives right up the freaking wall.

If I had my way I would take the Ebola virus and re-engineer it to target people with the DnD Asshole gene and wipe them all out. Grrr!!!

So if you one of those douche-bags reading this post take your half drow spider swarm druid and your shitty derivative campaign and smoke a pole YOU SUCK. Yeah you the guy with the Sephiroth wall scroll and the mousy likely mentally damaged “girl friend” you roped into playing Die in a FIRE 2x!!!


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