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Otter Box Defender – Taking your iPad to the Zombocalypse

by Optimal Optimus on February 11, 2011

Earlier this Christmas I picked up an iPad. Yeah I know I totally jumped on the band wagon on that piece of techno heaven, more on that in a later post. More interestingly is that in looking for a case for the thing I had to slog through a ton of D-bag hipster looking cases to protect it from my eventual I dropped it and now its broken tendencies.

Enter the Otter Box Defender!!!

If you ever wanted to weaponize a pice of techno whadgit the Otter Box line of cases is the way to go. Enveloped by Dura cast plastic and then wrapped in a rubber other skin the hefty protective system adds nearly 1lb to the iPad’s svelte profile.

What does this mean?

Well after the Zombocalypse kills all the power on earth and your iPad is a fancy paper weight, those of us who used the Otter Box Defender will have a handy skull crushing off-hand to use. Not only that but the Otter Box just looks plan aggro and that for me is the seller.

So until the Zombocalypse… happy iPading.


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