DCUO Review – Up Up and Away!!!

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by Optimal Optimus on January 15, 2011

So the first week of DCUO has been pretty good. I already give it a free pass on some of the stability issues. For those of us that remember what the behemoth that WoW was in its infancy this should be well understood. Complaints about shouldn’t they have learned their lesson from WoW need to enroll in reality check tech. MMO roll-outs and server roll-outs are all SWAG on capacity and performance because you cannot scale testing to 500k+ real user behavior without building a ridiculously expensive test harness and supporting infrastructure which would make the game who at that stage in development completely unprofitable.

Anyways I digress, back to DCUO. I will provide my Liked Hated and Overall format since I am a horrible writer.

Graphics are awesome – Jim Lee and Wildstorm were the point of the spear on the art direction for the game and since the game uses the Unreal Engine the game looks hawt. Some may say the open world areas are a little sparse but I don’t agree. The game has a very comic book vibe to it.
Flight and Movement modes – The game really got the flight feeling down in the game. I really feel like I am a Superman like guy patrolling the skies of Metropolis in search of evil to vanquish.
Iconic Powers – HEAT VISION!!! That is all.

Control Paradigm – the game is definitely more console than PC. I can forgive it a little but I miss mouse turning it just kinda feels weird.
Social Options seem kinda cluegy – I have no idea where to join Leagues and the chat is kinda hard to get into. I haven’t even tried the voice chat options.
Power choices limited – 6 usable powers from many that you earn kinda sucks. They excluded some powers from launch like the Green Lantern Light Construct powers – Not cool.

I think the game is good. I am definitely having a good time. The alerts and play is very action oriented. The game is clearly closer to a Marvel Ultimate Alliance with a couple levels of MMO baked in for effect and that effect is good. I will continue to play the game even considering a Life Time Subscription…but I am a Jim Lee whore so what can I say.


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