On the Real ID initiative in gaming…

by Optimal Optimus on July 25, 2010

I say let it be so. There are general concerns about privacy online. I find them ridiculous. And while I more or less mask my identity online, its really a thin veneer, I expect that anyone half way savvy with the web can find my real identity.

On Facebook my real identity is on there, on Linkedin my identity is on there. So why should I care if my name is out on something like the Blizzard forums? The answer is I don’t. If that means I sleep with a gun under my pillow I do. Why? Because having real names makes people think about what they do.

But what about the douchebags wont they do bad things too? Sure but because their identites are also visible they are just as vulnerable to retaliation. The fear of reprisals is enough to mitigate the actions of those who would do something wrong. If an individual had malice and intended to do harm to someone online or otherwise, they would find a way.

I for one am all for peeling back the veil and seeing how it changes the way we interact with people online.

-Opt^2 (see if you can find out who I really am?)

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