I got bit by the Warhammer 40k bug… woe is my wallet.

by Optimal Optimus on April 7, 2017

Back in Sept my coworkers at Kung Fu Factory brought up table top gaming and inevitably Warhammer 40k got brought up. 2 grand later I may as well share some of my models and their progress with you. I’m running the Imperium of Man, specifically the militant forces of the Inquisition. Above is a Grey […]


Model Project – Millennium Falcon 2016

by Optimal Optimus on February 7, 2016

Hi all my brother in law got a Revell level 1 Basic Snap Tite Millennium Falcon for X-mas this past year and I offered to do the detailing.  Below is my work!                            As you can see I applied a grey primer and then went through several passes at detailing. […]


Pride Prejuidice and Zombies – Ooo Zombies

by Optimal Optimus on February 7, 2016

  I caught Pride Prejudice an Zombies this weekend and I must say it was entertaining. I am always a bit a of  an easy mark for a Zombie flick so there is that caveat.     Overall though the action was decent. Pacing and story telling were a little off. I think this movie […]


Pacific Rim – Giant ROBOT FIGHT GO!

December 20, 2012
Thumbnail image for Pacific Rim – Giant ROBOT FIGHT GO!

Awww yeah!!! Giant Robot battling Giant Monsters from some alternate Cthonic dimension!!! I wonder if the robot’s know kung fu? Sold!!! – Opt^2

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Fate Zero

December 10, 2012
Thumbnail image for Fate Zero

Been Catching up on my Anime and stumbled upon Fate Zero on Hulu. I got to say its not bad. I always liked the idea of the summoner in Final Fantasy and wondered how it could work in a semi serious Anime and this one delivered. I really like the personal interactions between the summoned […]

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Pathfinder vs 4th Ed

December 8, 2012
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Ok so here’s my take on Pathfinder vs 4th Ed. For the record I like 4th Ed, I know I know I am in the minority but I have my reasons. I will list them here… Pathfinder Detailed Rules Balance Feat/Skill Based Very Open Lots of Customization Doesn’t Reinforce Role Playing DnD 4th Ed Less […]

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Skyfall delivers!

November 9, 2012
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I caught the latest installment of the Bond franchise earlier this month and I must say it wasn’t bad. I liked it better than Quantum of Solace and a little less than Casino Royale (2006). Liked Daniel Craig is an excellent Bond. Judy Dench is a phenomanl actor and plays M brilliantly Bardem makes for […]

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Seven Psychopaths count them!

November 7, 2012
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Saw Seven Psychopaths the other day its good definitely interesting. Liked Doggies! Olga Kurlyenko Christopher Walken! Hated Not enough Olga Overall Another Meta Hollywood movie kind of cinema experience, except about psychopaths. – Opt^2

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The Man with Iron Hands – Give the man a hand!

November 2, 2012
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Jonesing for a chop sakey Kung Fu flick I caught this movie on a whim. I found myself thoroughly entertained. Keep in mind its no ground breaking piece of cinematic history. Its a kung fu caper revenge flick and it delivers on all counts. Liked Kung Fu was good Bautista as Brass Body – wrecked […]

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October 20, 2012
Thumbnail image for Argo

Argo fuck yourself!!! LOL this was a surprisingly good movie, once again showing that Ben Afleck has some skill in the director’s chair. Very Entertaining and well written. Liked Seemingly realistic portrayal of ex-filtration and decision making Hollywood Meta bleeding into real life situations Star Wars references Hated Leighton Meester done up 70’s style is not hawt […]

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